About Tokyo Ghoul: Re, the spoilers and the fandom (Some rules that you should know)

Hello everybody! This is my first time writing in English in wordpress, so I’ll appreciate if you forgive my grammatical mistakes (I corrected some part but I’m no sure if there is others) 🙂

How nice
Yeah, right?

Ok. Now, the fact that I’m writing this is because the last chapter of TG: Re and the entire issue around it. We know that we get the spoilers one week before their release, but that doesn’t mean that we have the authority to complain about it with Sui Ishida. It’s like if you rub on his face that you’re reading his stolen work (although he knows that it’s been reading one week before its official release) and then send him to the hell.


Yeah, I know how painful when some important character die, but that’s not correct. As I said before, he knows that there are people who leaks the chapter, but that isn’t something that brothers him. In fact, he just says that don’t post any part of the manga in his twitter because the Japanese readers weren’t ahead (with the help of the piracy) like us. And also, we can see that he really enjoy his work. He put some hint (like tarot reference, the language of flower, books and authors), and publish so many thing in his twitter account (like the new kaneki artwork). Click here please!tokyo ghoul Kafka

Noroi headYeah, he also takes pleasure with our suffering. But at least he didn’t live around money like someone there, who long one fight within 7 chapter in his work, do (Tite Kubo please).


And then, there is something that I want to introduce. These are some rules that I made and you can share with others, and also, prevent them to argue with Ishida-senpai in his Twitter. The rules are the following:

  • The first rule in Tokyo Ghoul: Re is not talk about the spoiler in Twitter.
  • The second rule in Tokyo Ghoul: Re is not publish anything about the spoiler in Twitter.
  • The third rule is that you don’t have ever the reason.

Now that I talked about the basic rules, I want to add something. If you have something to discuss, said it in the extensive forum of Tokyo Ghoul, in Tumblr (like I do), or with your friends. But leave Ishida-senpai in peace.

Not in this way but you understand the gif

En español para quienes no entienden inglés. No le envíen reclamos ni se pongan como una  vacas asesinas en la cuenta de Ishida; también eviten publicar spoilers en su cuenta o en otros lugares donde los japoneses se puedan dar cuenta (y dañen la magia del estreno). Él ha hecho un buen trabajo y sería descortés tirarle la madre en su cara. Además que a Sui Ishida no le incomoda saber que otras personas ven su obra ilegalmente, como también responde con cortesía y elocuencia en su cuenta.

That’s all. Thank you very much and see you soon!!

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