The thing that lurks my dream (cuento)

¡Hola a todos! Hace tiempo que no aparezco por estos lugares y quería disculparme por este hiatus tan eterno. La verdad no quiero hablar sobre más escusas y mejor les digo que va este cuento. La historia está en inglés y fue diseñada para un concurso de escritura de mi facultad de idiomas. Lo bueno fue que gane en la categoría de avanzado que son los semestres de noveno y décimo, lo malo fue que tuve que hacerlo en menos de dos páginas por lo que algunas cosas parecerán apresurado o sin mucha profundidad. De querer me gustaría cambiarle o añadirle algunas cosas pero lo dejo como estaba. Creo que así está bien y no es que busque obtener otro premio o dejar un significado más profundo en mi obra. Otra cosa importante es el título, en sí debería de ser The beast… ( la bestia) y no The thing… (la cosa) pero también considero que la criatura no es del todo una criatura. Eso es todo lo que diré. ¡Feliz pos Halloween!

Cold wind that whistle at night. Quite bells above the sky.

Praise the sun that rises. Weep when the rain falls.

Have mercy of the women, they lost their children.

Luck, I don’t have it. My soul is swallowed, in pieces, by the mare.

This happened when I was 8 years old. In that night I heard shots from outside. I was too scared and my older brother said a vampire had killed somebody. I didn’t believe him until I saw the body. According to him, the holes in his chest were the mark of its fingers because the vampire sucked the blood with the hand and not with its teeth. That lie traumatized me, so I went to my grandfather and asked something to do about it. Just in case that you don’t understand what I’m talking about. My grandfather, an old man very odd for his age, used to know many things. If someone had a horrible nightmare or some strange disease, the person that they used to ask about it was him.

He gave me one candle and told me:

“Keep this in secret, just you and I know what this candle can do. Your mother or your stupid brother mustn’t see it. When it’s almost midnight, put this in front of your window”.

The problem that my grandfather had with my family was that my mother was a Christian, and also she spoke bad things of him like he was a devil and could curse the people wherever he liked. My brother didn’t believe her and went into his house, destroyed a strange statue and ran away to our house.

And when I was to leave my grandfather gave me another thing, a strange powder.

“Just scatter it around your chest when you’re ready to sleep”.

That night I did what he told me, but my brother discovered the candle. But sadly he didn’t tell my mother and went to sleep. At only five minutes to midnight I put the candle by the window. Without a delay it started to melt and a slender smoke went around the room, then, it slipped away thought the corner of the window. I saw it strange, but I didn’t think too much. I grabbed the powder and scattered on my chest as my grandfather said. Later I fell asleep.

During my dream I was in the middle of a lake that I didn’t know. There I saw someone, he tried to drown me, but before that he let me go. At that instant I woke up and sat on my bed. My body shook for a long time, and when I became aware, I saw my window open. On my brother it was a horse with dark purple and green skin. I didn’t see its rear, as if its legs and hip had been torn off, but its spine was visible. It was murmuring something that I couldn’t understand and it was inhaling near my brother’s face, but immediately it stopped. We stared at each other. I screamed and that thing neighed with creepy force that woke the entire neighborhood.

My mother came to our room and saw the mare when it was escaping thought the window, leaving a trace of blood. Some neighbors saw it too, and tried to chase it with guns; but the mare disappeared when it crossed the road. My brother almost dies, but he couldn’t sleep for a long time since then. He tried to commit suicide one time, after seeing something in his dream. I told my mother about the candle, and how it melted after I left it in front of the window.

The next day some neighbors went to my grandfather’s house and killed him. Others went in and stole some objects, like amulets and bones. But they regretted. Now when I’m 43, I dream that I have been invited to somewhere away from this place. I see my grandfather, lying down on his back on the mare. He usually said:

“You betray me but I don’t hate you. You killed me but I’m still waiting for you”.

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